Ottawa PointMen is coordinating a Mission trip for September 2019

Ottawa PointMen is delighted to partner with In His Steps International for a Men's Mission trip planned for September 2019

A few years ago, God birthed a desire in our hearts to minister to men and women rescued from human trafficking and exploitation, Chantale and Sean prayed about what this would mean for them; in other words what does it look like for us to serve men and women rescued from human trafficking? How can we help while building the Kingdom and giving glory to God?


Sean and Chantale started  with  a personal connection to a missionary in Cambodia which was made because of one of our founding board members, Bill England. His daughter, Rhiannon England, has been ministering in Cambodia for quite some time, still in her 20s she is confident that she is exactly where God has called her to be and calls Phnom Penh home and the people there are her family. Her heart belongs to God and he ministers to the lost and broken through missionaries like her. When the Englands left Ottawa for the East Coast, they asked Sean and Chantale to consider becoming advocates . They wholeheartedly agreed. Since then they have had opportunities to promote awareness through an organization know as Sak Saum:


Human trafficking feeds on the vulnerable, and that includes the poor. For Sak Saum Inc. this means intentionally focusing on areas that are economically depressed and unstable. 

We can help prevent trafficking by creating alternative and wholesome sources of income, Business will bring change! If a person is going to escape from the life of slavery, there needs be an alternative, safe, sustainable source of income.

Sak Saum uses Business as a Mission Model. For more information go to


As a result, Sean and Chantale developed a strong partnership with the founders of In His Steps International, Eric and Ginny Hanson;  and received valuable insight into ministry, human trafficking and missions. This is what has ultimately led to an opportunity for Ottawa PointMen Ministry to coordinate a Men's mission trip to Cambodia. In the meantime, Sean has joined Ottawa Coalition to End Human Trafficking  and is exploring opportunites to become a committee member as well as occupy a volunteer position in pastoral care on the front line.


In the months ahead, you can expect to see regular postings promoting awareness, education and fundraising to end the fight against human trafficking. If you would like to purchase a one of a kind product, ethically crafted by Camdodian artisans, check out our facebook page  and contact Chantale for more information at 613-867-5935 or