1 Timothy 6:11 says, "But you, Timothy, are a man of God; so run from all these evil things. Pursue righteousness and a godly life, along with faith, love, perseverance, and gentleness."


A large part of "being" the church involves serving. Serving is something that far exceeds the boundaries of a building. We are very blessed and thankful to have access to many different ministries whose purpose is to serve God, and in the process, serve His people. These are just a few of the many ministry resources available to men both within the Otttawa area, and the rest of Canada and the United States. (Click on the individual logos to open a new window to that resources website.)

Local & Greater Ottawa area Ministry Resources

National and International Blog and Ministry Resources

Music for Today's Family

Associates in Christian Therapy Services (Acts)

"Being Relavant in Today's Hurting Community"

Blog by Rev. Barry Boucher

Business Coaching, Public Speaking, and more.

"Passionately Communicating"

Christian books, music, movies, gifts, and resources

Twitter of Jason Boucher: Husband, Father, Christ-follower, Pastor, Bull Dog Lover, Sens Fan, Black Tea Drinker

The Union Project, by Matt & Nicole Crisp

Scott Towaij, Christian Music artist

Alyssa Longchamps, Ottawa artist

*Member Service*

Life Leadership: Everyone will be called upon to lead at some point (and truly several points) in their lives, the only question is: Will they be ready?

*Member Service*

W.S.I.B.  Approved certification in first Aid, C.P.R., Defibrillation, Airway Management, Oxygen Administration and W.H.M.I.S.

For the Gospel and generations


Leadership is more than instruction. Leadership is influence.

YouVersion is a simple, ad-free Bible that brings God's Word into your daily life.

Internet Safety, Online Integrity – Accountability and Filtering software helps you to protect your family online. Learn how the Internet is used in your home.

The purpose of Saddleback Church’s Celebrate Recovery ministry is to fellowship and celebrate God’s healing power in our lives through the “8 Recovery Principles.”

100 Huntley Street is Canada’s longest running daily talk show. Authentic and interactive, we bring you the amazing stories of people who have had life changing encounters with God...

For Children. For Change. For Life.

No Regrets Men's Ministries exists to empower the local church to develop it's men into an army to reach the world for Christ.