Guys! After an excellent, faith building, God-inspiring workshop last year at Chapel Ridge Free Methodist Church, we are thrilled to announce that things went so well at last years Armour Up Workshop, that we felt God was leading us to continue that momentum and host another workshop. The Ottawa PointMen Ministry in Partnership with Capital City Church and Jericho Road Ministries invite you to join us for the 2nd annual Armour Up Workshop. As our speakers for this years Guard Your Heart Workshop we're excited to have 2 returning speakers in Pastor John Counsell and Bob Jones, along with 2 equally excellent speakers in Pastor Rob McKee and Pastor Mike Welch. Leading us in worship again this year is the one and only, never duplicated Scott Towaij. We'll here an amazing testimony of a life changed in Luc Laberge. Along with the excellent food from Pita Pit and connecting with a great group of men at this workshop, we look forward to being able to bring you some comedy video clips from well-known televised Christian comedian Leeland Klassen. To get a closer look all of these speakers, and more about who they are and what they're ministries include, check their bios and pictures below, or click on their names in the paragraph above in this paragraph. For a detailed look at our sponsors for this years workshop, click on the anchor link here or see the shield at the bottom of the page. To register for the workshop now and pricing information, click here, or hover your mouse over the menu heading above that says "Armour Up Workshop 2015" and click on "AUW GYH Registration" to be taken to the registration page.


Nov 6 - 7, 2015  @ Capital City Church
                                                1123 Old Montreal Rd.
                                                Ottawa, Ontario K4A 3N6
      This year's theme is:                                                  taken from  Proverbs 4:23 which says
                                                                                                                       "Guard your heart above all else,
                                                                     for it determines the course of your life."



John Counsell

Lead Pastor, Vanier Community Church

Ottawa, ON

Mike Welch

Lead Pastor, Capital City Church

Ottawa, ON

Since 1989, Pastor Mike  has been diligently following God and helping people do the same. He grew up in a family with a sense of purpose, drive, & determination. His father, Douglas Welch, was an Anglican minister who had a passionate love for God & a desire to help people. These character traits are very evident in Mike’s life today.

It was in 1986, that he met the love of his life, Lynda. They opened a restaurant in the early 90’s, and this is where it all began - Bible studies, prayer meetings, & Men’s Full Gospel meetings all become routine at the Junction Family Restaurant. They soon decided they wanted something more, and that’s when both of them decided to go to Bible School. Between 1st & 2nd year, Mike & his family went on a summer mission to Longlac, Ontario to pastor a church in the community. Mike graduated with a Christian Ministry Diploma and was immediately sent off to Guelph, Ontario to pastor his 1st church. Him & his family were there for over 3 years and saw many people give their lives to Christ as a result of their work. They were very involved in the city of Guelph, and volunteered alot of their time with inner-city youth & adults. In 1999, Mike then got commissioned to Ottawa, Ontario where they now reside and he is the Lead Pastor at Capital City Church. Mike is ordained by Open Bible Faith Fellowship, and is a board of director for OBFF.


Mike has always had a love for toys that have an engine & gas. He enjoys spending time on his Harley, whether he’s going on a tour with Chariots of Light or Lynda & him are going out for a coffee. He appreciates quality family time spent with his wife, daughter & son-in-law, and He loves the annual Welch brothers cottage trip. He also enjoys going for daily walks with his dog. And he definitely delights in all things chocolate! His life motto is, Simplify.


Mike in 20 words: outgoing. chocolate. ground-breaker. Harley. reader. music. farming. chef. gardener. considerate. cars. patriotic. family. Starbucks. licorice. traveller. trombone. leader. focused. trail-blazer.

Pastor John Counsell will be joining us again this year by popular demand. Last year we were challenged and stirred to stand with the Shield of Faith against the tempations of the Devil. We know that he's going to bring He is truly a passionate and ardent voice for the Lord here in Ottawa and around the world.


John has been in pastoral ministry for over 30 years, most recently as the Pastor of the Vanier Community Church, a multi-church ministry (currently City Church and Capital City Biker's Church) here in Ottawa. 


John is also a well known radio host  of  Ask the Pastor and other shows on Ottawa's secular talk station 580 CFRA on the AM dial. He is truly a unique voice on Talk Radio. In fact, there are no full-time pastors anywhere in North America doing talk radio in a non-religious venue other than John. His approach is fresh, honest, direct, inspiring, entertaining, insightful, and when it comes to matters of faith and spirituality, truly a breath of fresh air!


According to Pastor John, he  "pastors the most testosterone-driven church in Ottawa, 'Capital City Biker's Church.'  10% of the congregation does NOT have tatoos.  They're extroverted, aggressive, passionate, they like to make noise, there's nothing subtle about them, and they're not afraid of anything.  No one has as unique a perspective on guys-following-Christ like John does."


"It isn't humble, but it's honest"


Bob Jones

Teacher and Presenter,  Make a Mark Ministries

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Bob is currently a high school science teacher and teaches a Bible class at his local church. Bob has been a youth pastor and adjunct theology professor at Western Seminary. He has worked in men’s ministry for a decade and every summer works with a church planter in Costa Rica developing a men’s ministry movement in that country.


“I have a deep desire to teach the Word of God and see the Holy Spirit transform people’s lives. I am eternally grateful for godly men who have built into my life for over the past 40 years, and I want to pass on to the next generation a love for God and His Word. The Lord’s commission to disciple others through teaching His Word and building relationships continues to fuel my life, and I am grateful to be part of building His Kingdom.”

Rob McKee

Discipleship Pastor, Lifecentre

Ottawa, ON

Rob McKee is a local pastor with an incredible passion and desire to see people live the fulness that Christ has for them. At the age of 29 diagnosed with  an aggressive blood cancer and given a year to live he grabbed ahold of Psalm 118:17 with became his anchor, “I will not die but live and proclaim what the Lord has done” Fifteen years later Rob is still proclaiming all that God has done in his life.

Scott Towaij

Worship Leader

Covenant Award Winning Recording Artist, Avid Biker

Ottawa, ON

It's a privilege and blessing to be able to welcome back to the stage, to lead us in worship for this years workshop, Scott Towaij. Last year we experienced some great worship times, as well as had the opportunity to hear the testimony of our friend and brother and are thankful to have him join us again this year. We know that you'll be led into a great time of praise and worship with Scott taking the lead from Jesus.


Lynn Saxberg, Music Critic for The Ottawa Citizen has dubbed Scott as "Ottawa's funkiest Christian Rocker" He is a 7 time Covenant award nominee and 1 time winner. Scott and his band have opened for Kirk Franklin, Peter Furler (former Newsboys front man), Building 429 and he has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in Christian music during the 25TH anniversary of Kingdom Bound in Buffalo New York. He just played the Ottawa Bluesfest for the 2ND consecutive year joining Downhere, Neworldson, Building 429 and The City Harmonic. His musical influences range from Stevie Wonder to Steely Dan and everything in between. He blends funk, rock, blues and soul to create a unique brand of music that is guaranteed to get you up and grooving. He is a musician, singer / songwriter, worship leader and teacher who loves God and loves people. Scott is one of the worship leaders at both The MET (Metroploitan Bible Church) and Capital City Bikers Church in Ottawa. Yes, he does ride a motorcycle!


Scott’s youth was filled with drugs, alcohol and women. He has survived severe trauma in his life and has been clean and sober for the past 23 years. With his wife Sherri and daughter Cheyenne by his side he is a devout follower of Christ and works hard to shine his light for the Kingdom.


Luc Laberge is a young man with a testimony of God's continued mercy, grace and strength. Luc has been down a road that has given him first hand experience of how God can take a man from a place of being lost and weak to a place of victory and freedom in Jesus Christ. Luc is a witness of the faithfulness, goodness, and forgiveness that God wants to give to all men who desire to know  Him. After overcoming major addiction in his life, he is now a graduate of Jericho Road ministries here in Ottawa, and is now a part of the staff at Jericho Road. Here's a little of what Luc had to say about his journey:


"I was born and raised in Ottawa, I lived a pretty normal life growing up. At the age of 15, I began to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Little did I know it would lead me down and road of darkness. In my addiction I didn’t care about anything else accept for my drug of choice, I would manipulate everybody around me to get what I want because I was completely consumed with myself.  There hit a point in my addiction where I didn’t want to live anymore and contemplated suicide , it was then where I had a choice to choose between death by suicide or ask for help from a God I didn’t know at the time. Let’s just say I made the right decision by choosing to accept Jesus into my heart."


Luc Laberge
Graduate/Staff, Jericho Road Ministries
Ottawa, ON

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