Point Man, written by Steve Farrar, was the inspiration in many ways to the forming of The Ottawa PointMen. To learn more about Steve, check out his website by cllicking on the book image above. To view a talk from Steve, click here

Welcome to a new blog for Christian men living in the Ottawa area.


What is a pointman?  A few definitions:


1) A soldier who is assigned to a position some distance ahead of a patrol as a lookout;


2) A man who has a crucial, often hazardous role in the forefront of an enterprise;


3) The first cowboy riding at the front of a herd of cattle.

What do all these definitions have in common?  Someone who is in a dangerous position out front in order to protect those he leads.


A number of  men from across Ottawa have come together to create this website in order to bring information devoted to Christian men together in one spot.  Through Ottawa PointMen it is hoped that more men from across the city will come together to grow in their spiritual journeys through networking, prayer and fellowship in order for us to be safe as we protect those we lead, be it our family, our workplace, or ourselves.  


God did not intend for men to serve in his name alone; instead He intended for us to disciple and learn from each other in order to bring glory to His kingdom.  From local events to prayer requests, testimonials, faith-based articles and more.


We hope you are able to find something on this website that speaks to your heart.  Let’s be ready to “take point” when our lives call on us to do so. This site is still a work in progress.  We request that you stay a while and explore the pages.  We would appreciate any and all feedback as to its layout and content.



Jesus Christ is looking for men who will not die,  but through their faith in him will live for their families and fulfill their role within the church.


-Author Steve Farrar

Our Men’s Group was started in July 2011 during the summer series “Sun Stand Still” (by Steven Furtick) at The Lifecentre. During a small group discussion a few men started sharing about the need and desire to have a men’s group. I believe that it was clearly the Lord speaking to each of us collectively. The common denominator was that each of us whole heartedly agreed that this was a must for men, everyone present shared about this need to be able to share with other men to grow together in Christ Jesus.


Our first meeting/gathering was a potluck ~ BBQ in early September where 8 men joined together to share/pray/brainstorm start the bonding process. From this evening we have grown to a number greater than 60. We meet on a monthly basis and communicate through our email list. Our membership stems from several different churches in the Ottawa area.  Our activities have included attending Ottawa 67′s games, a Superbowl party, dinner at The Works along with many evenings in members homes.


We now also honor prayer requests and praise reports, have reached out to help needs in the community and promote various activities for men in the Ottawa area.


Our name started out as “Guys Night Out”, but was never officially confirmed. Recently during the first meeting to brainstorm the development of our Blog the discussion centered around the role of men of faith and the importance of men stepping out in faith, taking on our role as Jesus taught us in the Bible. Sean Davis, one of the founding members of our group, had recently finished reading the book Point Man, by Steve Farrar, which presents and challenges all men to fulfill their role within the church, their families, and through their faith in Christ. After a brief discussion and a few emails the name Ottawa PointMen was chosen unanimously.


As Jesus leads and disciples our group, it is important that we maximize our communication tools and connecting opportunities to reach out and to see our group multiply to meet the needs of our current and future members. The Ottawa PointMen website is a new tool and as of Sept 2013 (2 years later) we have now multiplied to 2 monthly gatherings in Ottawa East and West.


As the Lord continues to lead and build our group, it is exciting to be on this venture with each and everyone of you. Let us always depend on Jesus as we move forward!


Proverb 27:17   “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another” (ESV)